Widget text doesn't change when it's in an array

So basically i placed a text in the middle of the screen on a widget.

what i do is, change that text in a another blueprint.Well if i simply make ‘Create widget’ and get a reference for that widget and say ‘set (variable name)’ it works, the text changes. but what i want to do is create a custom event in that widget and make 3 more texts on the screen and put all of them in an array(their value) and give the custom event an input for the index for that array and set the text that way,so I can specify which text I want to change the text of in anohter blueprint by just calling that custom event and giving it an index, but it simply doesnt work that way

Why is this happening? is there a workaround to this?

If anything is unclear let me know.

Here is the Implementation:

Here is where I call the event:

Can you explain how it is failing (error? no result at all?)

Can you screenshot your blueprints so we can see your logic?

I edited it In my question

First, make sure your widget has a text variable you can set:


Then make sure to bind the text OBJECT to the text VARIABLE (the one you just created)

Then wherever you create your widget, just set that widget’s “theText” variable to the value from the array (not shown)

EDIT - Don’t forget to either add the widget to your viewport or add it as a child of some other widget that’s already on the viewport. It won’t magically show up anywhere once created.

Well thats what I have done and worked. but what I want to do is give an index and a text value and set the variable inside the widget using the given inputs from the custom event.

What is the output that you get when you run that BP? From what I see, it should initialize the array with 3 elements (vula, slowmo, orbit), then replaces the array[0] (vulna text) with the value “newText.”

Is that not what you want? I’m still not understanding what’s going wrong or what way it has failed you.

If you’re trying to change what text displays in the widget, you still have yet to ASSIGN it to the value of the text field (SetText, or set the value of some Text variable that is property bound to the text field)

Well,Thats the problem i do everything you say. still,text on the screen doesnt but the strange thing is,If i print it using ‘Print String’(text from thr array) it does update.

How have you passed the data to the actual text widget? (not the level counter widget)