Widget Switcher

I have a widget switcher set up with three different widgets 0,1 and 2 respectively. For some reason it will not display the initial starting widget the second time around…but the print statement shows that it is making the object…just not putting it on the screen again…I’m actually replacing and old button menu with this one. When I hook the button menu back up it works fine, but this menu still only displays once…I’ve tried everything I can think of including the class and index settings…



You may need to show the script, the bit that does the switching.

I’ve tried 2 methods …

I have the widget(s) loaded up and hidden at first, then called to show visible when needed…All my other menus work like this.


I also have a function that collapses the widgets as well. Neither one makes this perform any differently.

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Well, that part (switching) works fine…it is the F10 key mapped to pull this menu up each time. It works only one time around…

How do you hide that widget?

You’ve collapsed the switcher. You never show it again… You are making the widget component that hosts it Visible, but that’s not the same element.

You will need to choose. Either manipulate the visibility of the switcher or the component that owns it.

Atm, when you show the component, the switcher inside is still collapsed. It shows initially as it’s yet to be collapsed when you dismiss the menu.

Thanks for the input here. I’m working on isolating the correct variables. Widget Switchers are confusing. I’m not even sure what the use if for them other than if you might wan to keep a menu looking uniform. I have an entire menu system already done for another project and never used the Widget Switcher before now…So I’m still wrapping my head around the actual benefits of use here…thanks again…

Widget Switcher is like tabs in an internet browser. It can host multiple elements but displays only 1 at a time. Pretty much what you see at the top of the screen, atm. :slight_smile:

From the left:

  • widget Component (1) hosts a regular widget - wMenu (2)
  • this menu widget has a Switcher (3)

It’s up to you Visibility of which of the three pieces you want to manipulate. But make sure that you show / hide the same element. If I hide the wMenu, the Switcher will never show because the whole menu is hidden anyway.

Atm, you collapse MenuWidgetSwitcher (3 I assume, since I don’t see your entire setup) but when it comes to showing things again, you show the Component (1). Sure the component is showing, but the Switcher is still collapsed.

Visibility is granular and affects each element independently.