Widget switcher - Any tutorials out there?

Hi all

Anyone knows how to use a widget switcher?


To use widget switcher, you set the elements you want to switch in it and buttons near then in graph on button click from the switcher “set active widget index” with the index of the element (first is 0, next 1 then 2…)

Hey Fen

The only place I can find widget switcher is in a widget, and these are my options.





And this


Here is an example : left designer, right event graph :


Not what I thought it was. :frowning:

Making a Widget game and thought it would solve some of my issues.

Cheers Fen


Fen - thanks a lot ! Simple tutorial but nobody did it yet ^^

Is it possible to do the same with 3-d id, I mean its easy switching between 2 widgets, but if add 3 or more ?

Yeah I did it

If someone cant read link. Its needs to be added Branch to the buttons (both), so the second which is +1 gonna be false with condition integer <=2 on the top pin and secondary is “current widget id” variable (int) the same with first button but its gonna be true. After True and False gonna be SET “Current Widget ID” with “integer - integer” on the top and bottom gonna be 1 for both, after pins gonna go to Set Active Widget Index with target of Widget Switcher 0 and index gonna go to Current Widget ID

Unreal Engine 4 - Widget Switcher - YouTube
Try this, really helped me.