Widget Skill Tree creator, child widget properties reset on engine reload?


My issue is that the last two nodes, seen disconnected in the first image, and connected in the second image is disconnected every time I open the engine anew.

I can not for my life firgure out why. The first nodes in the tree load just fine (they are loaded by Preconstruct in the main skilltree widget), the individual node widgets have their connection settings set from instance editable variables, edited from the main skilltree widget.

The way it works is by looping through the appropriate widgets, checking each for their outputs. And then from current nodes output nodes I add the current node to each input. As it loops through the tree it will eventually have added all the inputs.

Previously I had the array of output/input widgets sometimes load blanks on load(in the instance editable per node widget in the main skill tree widget). I caught most of those I think. But I suspect they might be the underlying cause. If so, the question is how to make them keep their reference on engine reload. And why on earth is it consistently the same nodes every time that fail and not the first nodes in the tree?

Thank you for any help that goes towards solving this issue.

Edit: If I set outputs beginning from the last child widget instead of the first child widget, so far things have worked out. I have yet tested the limits of that as a possible workaround. Might be that the same issue pops up after a while. It’s quite counterintuitive as a solution also. But I think this discoverey has taken me one step closer to figuring this out.