Widget screen space distortion

Does widgets in-game when using screen space have some form of distortion? In the images below you can see my widget in-editor vs in-game, the “bars” in my health bar behave weirdly and have no consistency in shape, some of then even get completely invisible some times. Why does this happen, and how to deal with it?

In Editor:

In Game:




Pixels shift when you squish them.


Try running the game like this and compare. How does it look?

Also, seeing this is a widget component (or is it screen mode?), what is the size of that quad and what is desired size of the widget?

Play in Standalone Game didn’t make much difference. It’s a widget component with a desired size of X: 75 Y: 10. The quad as a size of X: 1 Y: 7.

I would guess resolution as something to do with it

This is in 1080p:


This is in 720p:


One bar went completely missing by just changing the resolution of the game window.

How does games like League of Legends deal with this? I can play LoL with a 720p window and the floating life bars still keep their shape. Maybe change widget draw size each time the window is resized?