Widget Score System HELP!

So I am working on a Rocket League Style Game for a School Project. I am trying to figure out how to link my scoring blueprint to my score widget to update the score count for the players. I have looked on several different postings and watched several videos and still no luck.

Also I am an artist not a coder. So may need step by step help to really understand what I need to do.

Here is what I have so far please if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


make new custom player controller (if you are not using epics game template).

Place all hud and score logic in player controller, not in level blueprint.

ye, put it into controller.
but probably you want to keep track of the score. then you need it inside your game state as an example. the controller itself only exists on your computer and things cant be replicated.

after creating the widget “GameHUD” you need to connect the output to SET variable GameHUD. Currently your problem is missing a reference to the widget. Also the owner of the widget should be player controller.

Your looking for something that is focused on team scores then?

I may have a solution for you:

I’ll be happy to share my blueprints.

I handle it through game mode if i remember correctly.

Take a peek let me know if this is what your looking for.

The GameState Variables and Bools are replicated, I then use the UMG to call these replicated values into their own values in the widget converting them to information to be displayed on each client.

See attached, hope this helps.

Almost forgot the important clock update which is quite a long blue print inside of GameState. This manages is the match started, is the ball active, is the game in overtime, and has it ended.