Widget Scale Issue with Ultra Widescreen

We have a problem with how widgets are scaled in 4.8. I cannot reproduce the issue in 4.10 but upgrading the project at this point would be a set back. We have a widget that’s scaled to cover the entire game window. Here’s a view using a test material from in the editor.

As you can see our target resolution is 2560x1080. In the editor this widget scales fine but when we launch a standalone game this is the result. The problem seems to be exclusive to any ratio wider than 16:9. Ratios between 4:3 and 16:9 worked correctly. Fullscreen 2560x1080 exhibits the same problem as windowed 1706x720 so it seems to be tied to the ratio as opposed to pure pixel width.

Does anyone know the source of an issue like this?

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Found the issue. There was a hardcoded widget that was enforcing a 1080p ratio on all child widgets. Using AddToPlayerScreen as opposed to AddToViewport worked to get around that issue.

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I fixed it by disabling the “constrain aspect ratio” option for any camera in the world or the player, it also works if you use “Add to viewport” instead of “Add to player screen”…