Widget - Reloading a menu


I’ll come back for your help.

As part of my backup menu I would like to be able to go back and restart the first sheet.
For this I created single button back, but when I start the procedure the list does not reload and remains empty.
How to proceed so that the sheet returns to the starting point and loads itself as at its first launch?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Your question is quite vague.
If you wanna do MainMenu / SubMenus kind of stuff, I’d suggest using SwitcherWidget.

This don’t look quite right!
Your creating a widget and adding it to viewport then removing it?

From what I understand it is the active widget that is closed. It is in any case what goes through that one arrives at this knot he closes the sheet which, was on the screen and hurts place to the one that is called.

To clarify things, here are the node assemblies of the list in question:

it is launched in the Bleuprint Level by a Begin Play vent.

The Widget Data serves as an interface for a backup system.

I realized one thing that I had not thought, is that when I ask for the creation of the “Data” sheet, it is blank of any update. to remedy this problem I reloaded the level complaît by the function “Open Level”.