Widget Related Questions

  1. You can make a material for that purpose by using a mask for emissive to glow the center and then use that material for the Stayle of the button.

  2. Text shouldnt prevent you from clicking a button since they dont generate click events. There may be something you are missing with the hierarchy of your widget items.

Hi all

  1. I have a widget button and i want it to have an inner glow. How can i achieve this?

  2. I have a text on top of the Button. But text itself blocks clicking the button. I think there should be a checkbox making the text just a cosmetic and not functional, but i don’t know where since i have little knowledge about widget blueprints.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for the second, but first is really not a solution.

I created a material and set its style but only thing i see is a totally black button.

Here is a screenshot of the material and button widget

And the result is just a black background. How can i make it look the way i want?

Here is the screenshot of that material applied as you can see in the Quit button(when hovered)


is it not possible for widgets?

Use a texture like this:

Which properties of the material did you changed to make the material have final color, opacity, opacity mask?

I don’t know how to do it.

Cause without doing it, the buttons are still totally black when material applied. Like they refuse usage of materials

Sorry, forgot to mention. Set Material Domain from Surface to User Interface in your material.

I am using 4.8 and there is no opiton such as User Interface at Material Domain dropbox. Maybe because version difference?

Also it is not mentioned inside the DOC:

In the usage section i also selected Used with UI and deselected all others, but no help?

It is ok. I just tested on 4.7 and it works with material domain set to Surface(Opaque - Unlit material, the output of tat graph plugged into emissive.) It took a couple of seconds to update though so that delay may be the case for you.

Thank you very much, it solved my problems :slight_smile: