Widget Reflector - Could not find code file

When opening the Widget Reflector (WIndows>DevelopmentTools>WidgetReflector) and clicking on a source to open it, I get an error stating that the file could not be found. This only happens inside the Widget Reflector and not when trying to open custom C++ Classes or when opening pre-existing Unreal functions from the Blueprint-Editor.

I followed the instructions of the official Tutorial about the Widget Reflector ( [Slate UI Framework & Widget Reflector
( Slate UI Framework & Widget Reflector around 11:45 )

I’ve seen other old posts about this, but none provided any answer.

Is your engine built from source code?
If you installed via EGS Launcher you don’t have the source code and the reflector won’t find the source.

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@DarknessFX thank you for your reply.
On my current machine, I do not have the source code.

Do you know if I can somehow use the widget without downloading the source from github?
If that doesn’t work, can I download the source, but still open an UE version downloaded via the laucher and use the Widget Reflector?

Yes, you’re already using the Widget Reflector without problems. Is really rare to make changes on the widgets source code because they are shared between the engine and game projects, don’t worry about the widgets source code.

Nope, the downloaded engine in a differente folder won’t know about the source engine folder.

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Sorry for answering so late. I’m in my holidays :slight_smile:
Thank you for clarifying what the problem was. I’ll download the source when I am back at work

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