Widget Progress Bar not bindable? Text etc works fine though.

So I have been looking through Widgets. Like here.

I am stuck with getting the progress bar to react. Text works fine, but only if I use a Float directly from the Widget BP and change that through another Actor’s BP (here Narrow Capsule).
Accessing the Narrow Capsule from the Widget is not working.
I do not want to explain all bits, bit instead set up a project (4MB) and uploaded it.
It only has the element needed in it. Ignore the rolling text and the number in the top/left corner, they are from HUD experiments.

Can someone get the progress bar to work here?

Heya, I just opened your project. I notice you’re using values between 0-100 while the progress bar expects values between 0-1, so 35% would be 0.35.

Edit: Binding the Progress Bar percent value to the Narrow Capsule’s variable directly also works in that case… as long as the Narrow Capsule variable points to a valid object of course.

Cheers! I will try that.
Feel free to upload pinned down project files as well when there is a problem. Happy to take a look and help if I see it