Widget problem. Help me.

Hello, I have a problem with widgets in ue4. Does anyone know how to make the crosshair widget and the widget how much ammunition in the weapon do not show up on the main menu? Help.

So I have a few questions. First, I would like to know if your main menu a singular level? I also need you to provide me with a screenshot of where you are using the blueprint nodes “Create Widget,” which connects to the “Add to Viewport” node. Please take a screenshot of the full Unreal Engine window so I know what I am working with. I need to also ask for clarification. You meant you already have the systems done. You just do not know why they are showing up on the main menu, correct? Otherwise, I may have an answer then. If not, I will have an answer after I get the information I need, I hope.

Za niedługo podeśle zdjęcie. Tylko musze dysk w komputerze zmienić. Bo w innym kompie procesora nie mam

A tamten komputer co nie ma procesora ma dysk z projektem z ue4