Widget postion relative to actor incorrect

I’m spawning floating damage text. Everything is behaving as it should, except that the text is massively offset

My widget is a simple textblock inside a horizontal box, no canvas.

On Damage, I spawn an actor. This is fine. The actor spawns a widget and feeds the damage in. This is fine. The actor then moves upward. This is fine. The widget tracks the actor. This too is fine. It does everything it’s supposed to, except massively offset to the left.


Now, having read up, I;m told without a canvas, UMG will create a temporary one, and that an alignment of 0.5,0.5 on construct will centre it around that pivot.

Whatever’s going on, all my output shows the screen locations of the hit actor, the damage actor and the widget to be identical at each point. So whatever’s going on - it’s definitely in the widget. I’ve got a feeling that there’s some kind of anchoring going on on this temp canvas, and that my text is simply aligning from the top left of it. I just can’t put my finger on how to align to the center of this temp canvas.