Widget positions incorrect since updating to 4.13

Since updating to version 4.13 I’m having issues positioning some widgets that were positioned correctly in the 4.12 version.

I have a widget stretched across the whole screen and I’m drawing an icon at mouse position on it. I create the mouse widget with the following code inside that main widget:

MouseWidgetInstance = CreateWidget(GetWorld()->GetFirstPlayerController(), MouseWidgetType);
if (IsValid(MouseWidgetInstance) && IsValid(Cast<UPanelWidget>(GetRootWidget())))

UCWSPositionableIconWidget is my custom widget that sets it’s position internally by calling:


mousePosition2d is a valid mouse position I have verified by drawing debug point.

In version 4.12 this code worked fine. In 4.13 my mouse pointer position is suddenly drawn a bit off, and how much off depends on current viewport size. I suppose it has to do with scaling, but I’m unable to find out exactly what is going wrong and how to fix it.