Widget position in viewport


i want to attach some buttons to some static object in my level. it works but if the button is out of the screen (by move away from the static object) an i come back the button doesn’t will be displayed anytime again.

anyone some ideas?

sry for my bad english…

the variable "actorSchutthaufen"in the first screenshot was the same as “ActorScrab” in the second screenshot

When a widget leaves the viewport (your screen) it will remove itself from the viewport. I’m unsure as to how to keep it around (if any) and I would suggest adding a widget component to the actor instead.

You can add this before or after runtime.




nice thats works! but i got 2 new problems

  1. the button is only visible form one side
  2. The button is hidden by objects located in front of italt text


ah oki found the problem

I have to change the space from Wolrd to screen to fix these problems

thank you so much