Widget Page System?


I was working on a chat system, so Its as easy as just add a new widget child to a scroll widget. But, what could happen if you have lots and lots of messages? So I guess is necessary to have some kind of show-only-20-messages. With something like a pointer and so. Problem is… how to manage it properly? Is there any ideal way to implement it? Worse thing is, the chat line is not only text, but a horizontal box splitted with text, and images (emojis)

I really appreciate any help! Thanks!

More widgets will generally increase the Slate render time, which you can view using the console command ‘stat slate’. You could just start removing messages at the beginning once there are too many in the scrollbox.

Hi Jamendxman3, thanks for the command. Problem to remove messages, is if I want to scroll back to see the very old messages. Then things become a little more messy. So I am open to some suggestion to do it in a nice way (intead of, just remove form parent, then add new children) but let say, maintain the same 20 widgets always.

You want a list view if you’re after efficiency:…-started-in-bp

Many thanks! It seems it the perfect solution! Thanks!