Widget or sequence or replay of a driving simulation

I build a simulation for traffic safety to prevent accidents.
The Player drives a car and has to react to some obstacles.
After the last obstacle there should be a summary of the ride, where i can show the driver what he did right or wrong.

Summary 1:
A short sequence like a replay of the ride, where the most important values will be shown to the driver.
These values are the speed, distance, reaction time, stopping distance and the speed of the impact (in case of an accident) or distance to the obstacle at the end.
All the values will be random for each ride and there should be a version for a crash and a version for no accident.

Summary 2:
A widget where i can show the driver the stats of his ride.
This could be speed, distance, reaction time, stopping distance, impact speed or distance at the end.
But also a graph of speed, gas pedal, brake pedal and steering angle over time, where the time is marked when the obstacle occurs and when the driver starts to brake.
Perhaps its possible to do this with a little animation and not only the static stats.

Summary 3:
This should be a possibility to show a comparision of summary 1 or 2 with modified data. For example: What would be the difference, if the speed was 20kmh faster.

I am member of a non-profit association in germany for the promotion of traffic safety with the aim of accident prevention.
Therefore i decided to develop this simulator for the association and i am working on this project since 1,5 years.
Whoever is interested in helping me with this project is invited to contact me

Talent required:
You should be able to either create a widget or a sequence (or anything else, if you have a better idea) to show the stats to the driver.

More information:
If you are interested, feel free to contact me via PM or email to [EMAIL=“”]

Best regards