Widget not removing when i leave a collision box

hi everyone i am having an issue where my interact widget/prompt wont remove when I exit the collision box I set for it. It was working before fine but it is now being weird.
here are some images and a video for referance. It said once something to do with my character BP but I would see why.

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It’s quite likely that more than 1 widget is created on overlap, but only 1 gets removed. A widget can become orphaned like this quite easily.

Also, we don’t know how much time passes or what else happens between Begin and End overlap. You cannot rely on the Create Widget node’s Return Value to store a reference, not forever. It’s not safe or a good practice.

Instead, try it like this:

This way, you’ll only have 1 active widget, properly referenced. You can create a reference variable easily by right clicking Return ValuePromote to Variable

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what is the new variable for?

Yeah this doesn’t let me add to viewport

nvm figured it out

this does not work and I have zero explaination what this does or why there is a new variable with no name to referance. I can’t find any other options to make this work

The variable stores the reference to the widget. Otherwise you may be unable to find or access it later on.

If in doubt, post the updated script.

I don’t understand why I need the referance and why its empty at the end of the set.

it works but it says there are ubergraph errors

Disconnect that dodgy bent wire. And add another isValid test to the bottom bit - just in case.

did so but it still saying “blueprint runtime error: ‘accessed none trying to read property NewVar_0’, Node; Remove From Parent graph: EventGraph Function: Execute UberGraph (my actor name) Blueprint: (actor component)”

ok yeah that fixed the errors, thanks

Had the same issue, did the trick. Thanks a lot! @Everynone