Widget never dies in packaged project

Any Ideas why a widget won’t go away in a packaged project that runs fine in editor?
Upon loading the next map the ui from the prev map stays on screen and hogs input.
Checked for any ref to the initial maps ui in second map = None, Looked for multiple instances of the UI = none. Started Getting upset and in begining of second map made infinite loop calling remove all widgets . See the printf going hard but still that widget remains. Just thought i’d see if any ideas on where to look before I scape it and move on. Main thing I dont get works as expected in editor.

So OpenLevel in 5.4 using worldpartition won’t process the optons arg ?Game=GMB_C
does its job loading the level but stops there not loading the GameMode so defaults back to original Gamemode like i have entered false in Openlevel Absolute parameter bug? or Are you not to change GameMode when using worldpartition && Shipping build what am I missing