Widget Mouse Enter strange behavior (Bug?)

I noticed something really strange that is blocking my development. I have a parent widget which has a grid panel inside of it. When I press tab, that grid panel is filled with a bunch of child widgets. The parent widget and all of it’s elements are set to not be hit testable(self), it should not receive mouse enter events. Ever.

My child widgets which fill the parent widget’s grid panel, are set to visible. They should receive mouse enter events. When I hover over one of these squares, I should get one mouse enter event.

Here is what is actually happening when I hover a child widget:

It’s alternating between entering the two widgets hundreds of times per second. Even though the parent widget should never be hit testable.
The parent widget should not only NOT be hit testable, it is also underneath the child component.

I tried setting the parent widget to Not Hit Testable and All Children, but then the child widgets are no longer hit testable as well.

I updated my project to the latest version of Unreal Engine. This issue still persists.

WOW I figured out the issue and it was my own fault. I had a tooltip widget appear when I mouse entered on the child square widget. That would also cause the child widget to become unentered and then the tooltip would hide and you can guess how that cause the infinite loop.

I still don’t understand why it was complaining about the parent widget being entered… that should not have printed.

True. Glad you solved it on your own. For others facing similar issue, just make the child widget ‘Not Hit Testable (Self & all children)’.