Widget menu not visible on android

Hello, I created an widget menu with some buttons and text boxes. When I play the game on my computer I can use all buttons, but when I play it on my mobile phone I cant even see the buttons!

Hi there,

I am Currently running into the same issue. Have you figured out what has caused this is sue with your Device?
If so can you you help me fix mine lol

Does it directly start the game or you can see the Menu but not the buttons?

did u use anchors ? if u dont use them it is possible ur buttons spawn out of the display because ur destop visual is not equal ur smartphone screen :slight_smile: i hope i could help there :slight_smile:

I am also running into this problem. My widget main menu includes a background image and two buttons with images for the 3 states (not pressed, hovered over and pressed). I tried sending a build to my phone (Samsung Galaxy Alpha) but it only shows as a white background and grey buttons. On my friends device (Samsung Galaxy S5) it seems to work just fineā€¦

Hi Erytrial,
That is exactly what was happening, thank you for the reply!!!