Widget management plugin interest check+

Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing some basic work on a rather simple userwidget manager (c++ based) in a game project that I’ve been working on, and I’ve started to think about bringing it to the marketplace in the forseeable future. The version that I’d bring to the marketplace would be more fleshed out and have features to use both for c++ and blueprint. Some of the features are:

Single function creation of Widgets based on stored classes or blueprints.
String based identification of widgets for easier fetching, both in c++ and BP.
Manages deletion of widgets and dereferencing to ensure proper GC.
Grouping of widgets and snapshot functionality for both BP and c++.
And more…

Is there any interest for this sort of plugin and are there any specific features that you’d like to see in such a plugin?



PS. This will have to be released first when epic start accepting code plugins on the marketplace!