Widget leaves behind duplicate ghost when animation plays

Hello, I have searched the forums and could not find a solution for this.

I might be missing something simple but for the love of me I cant seem to figure this one out.

Using a normal border with transparency I animate a moving menu, when the animation plays it leaves a duplicate ghost of the button’s previous location (not clickable or hit test enabled) just the visuals.

Below is an example of the situation.

please let me know if it is a simple setting or a bug in ue4 :). and if there is a known work around.
Thank you.

Before animation


After animation with Ghost present


Looks to me like a simple case of having 2 Widgets overlapping. You probably created 2 by accident. Double check it and use Widget reflector for more information.

Also try to use Print String in the Construct Event. If it Prints out more than once than you got a duplicate for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe you got more than one in Controller your Scene? Multiplayer by any chance will get you more than one Controller. If thats the case only Spawn on the owning Client. Hard to tell remotly.

If you got a Show/Hide functionality thats also a good place to look into aswell as checking if the Widget gets Constructed at a later time like when you start the Animation. Make sure you dont have anywhere else a Construct Widget node.

I rebuilt the whole UI, Cant determine exactly where the fault lies, but it would seem the cause is 2 different animations working on the same canvas -_-… before the animations i do not get a double print on start… but after I do. so there is something fishy going on there XD… thanks for the assistance Nacht, guess I will have to find an alternative for now.

hmm Im pretty certain that playing a Animation won´t spawn a new Widget. Any chance to see the BP where you play the Animation and where the refference for the Widget comes from?

Because the way you described it you create a new widget and Call the Play Animation on it instead of the Original one.

Hi Nacht, I tried the debug print and you are right it does construct twice, but i only call it once from player controller… what could cause a double event construct

And With that said, if I remove the construct from player Controller it doesnt appear.

Hi Nacht, sorry for the later reply, I found the problem will post as answer.

The problem came from another controller spawning a HUD, and the animation for both worked fine until I started making individual calls from the level blueprint instead of player controllers, spawning the Widgets from the Player HUD, seemed to resolve this issue.

Note (The animation references were called from the player controllers, hence I thought the animation was the cause of it)