Widget Layers

OnDrop operations on HUD and HUD content.

I have HUD Widget.

On HUD I have InventoryWidget.

On Inventory Widget I have Slot Widget

All 3 widgets have OnDrop function.
when I Drag Inventory slot and drop on other slot start all OnDrop functions:
1st Slot->OnDrop
2nd Inventory->OnDrop
3d HUD->OnDrop

How can I make layers on My HUD and on my Inventory? when I Drop on Slot must work only OnDrop function from Slot Widget.

P.S. Slot located on Inventory, Inventory located on HUD.
Drag & Drop with UMG | 01 | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube Here work only 1 OnDrop why!!! I do all same. :cry:

1:04:35 - test drag and drop

I do same. When i drop on action bar slot, item image copy to that slot, then work OnDrop function by HUD and item dropped from inventory to the world. Why? UE 4.11

What i do wrong? Mb some checkBox have a wrong value


CheckbOX in OnDrop operation must be checked.

Hello. I have encountered this problem, but I can’t find this checkbox. If you still visit this forum, tell me where I should search? im using UE 5.2

PS: Oh, sorry, find it. CheckBox in return node.