Widget Kill feed

I dont know much when it comes to widgets so i was wondering if someone could help me with making a kill feed much like this one.

I have already got everything setup with the names etc. I just need to know how to make it so when another person is killed the previous one is moved up and there is a limit on how many kills can be on a screen at once.

put scrollbox to your widget and then “add child” that newly created widget with killfeed info to scrollbox…

Am i doing something wrong i setup my text with all the binds and make the horizontal box a variable.

Then when the player is dead the box is set to visible and then added to the scroll box. I have set them both to visible for testing normally the content box is empty so thats why i made the box a variable

When the enemy is dead it sets the box to visible like it is but when it is added to the scroll box the text just disappears when it is visible.

Tick is not good setup… but you may to try this:

Create 2 separate widget BPs.
First one : put somewhere only that scrollbox where you want to show killfeed

Second widget: set display mode to custom and X Y to 500x50 for example… delete canvas and put overlay and into overlax 3x text (killer killed victim…)

When you kill someone:
Send names to main widget with scrollbox.
There “create widget killfeed”, you can expose on spawn variables like killer and victim name. Plug that names into create widget killfeed node.
Drag wire from return node and add it as child of scrollbox.

In your killfeed box with names you can try to on event construct -> delay 5s -> remove from parent