Widget item taking up all of widget

I created a user widget and dragged and dropped some text into it from the palette, I then tried to drag another piece of text in but it shows a cross and won’t let me drop the text in. I can put some items in as well but not all and never two of the same type of item. I realised that the single item would take up the whole area but after moving it so it was partially out of the widget I still couldn’t place another item down.

You need to wrap the text with some kind of container like a vertical box, horizontal box, grid box and so on.

If you want to place them manually you should be able to put several text objects in a canvas panel.

I wrapped the text in the detail panel but that doesn’t do anything also I can’t add a box of any kind.

The image shows the error the only difference is there should be a circle with a cross in just above the “scroll box” that is in the grid.

That’s not what I meant by wrapping, you right click the text block in the hierarchy and choose “wrap with (some box, or canvas or whatever)”. You don’t even have a canvas panel. You can’t add child widgets to a text block so you need something else.

Thank you.