Widget interaction not working

Hey, I’ve got some issues with my widget interaction.

I made a main menu widget which works quite well, but after switching to the second widget, the interaction is stuck. The debug just goes through. What I found out is that every two seconds, you can see the interaction point on the end of the debug on the widget, only to ignore it again after about half a second. I thought it may have something to do with the ticking, however, it ticks every frame. Also, the interaction is possible after I spend some time in the game. I have no clue what is going on there.

Besides, interaction with the main menu does not work when calling it the first time. It only works after the second time.

Others had similar problems because their widget interaction component was interfering with the hand mesh. I rule that out since it is working with the main widget.

Any ideas or similar experiences? Thanks in advance!

I add a screenshot of my widget interaction component and the blueprint for the input interaction.

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Ok, if someone comes across this question in the future:

I figured it out somehow. The problem was the Trace Channel of the widget interaction.
This is set to Visibility by default. Which worked for the first time.

Now I set it to Pawn, since my widget interaction is a component of the MotionControllers and thus belongs to the pawn. I don’t know if it works with WorldStatic or someting else, but I use Pawn since it makes sense and it works.

I have absolutely no idea why it is working now. Maybe it was indeed interfering with the pawn and now this is excluded. If someone has an explanation or wants to contribute anything useful, feel free to add a comment.

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Maybe both motion controllers had the same pointer index

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This helped my issue as well. I have a widget that was a huge button but the widget interaction wouldn’t always detect the button. Setting trace channel to pawn also fixed it for me.