Widget Interaction Component + UMG Slider

Has anyone found a way to interact with a UMG slider with the new Widget Interaction Component when set to mouse? Currently I can only get the slider to change on left mouse button click, but cannot actually move the slider by clicking and dragging.

Current simple setup:

Edit: After some more testing with debug tracing enabled, it appears that the trace does not move once the mouse button is pressed down. I still wonder if there is a workaround.

Having the same problem here.

I have same issue. Is it impossible to use widget interaction component on the UMG slider?

Hi, it’s an old topic, but I’ve been searching for the answer and I couldn’t find anything, so I share my solution. Maybe not perfect in terms of optimization, but works well.

Firstly make sure “Hide Cursor During Capture” is disabled when setting Input Mode:

We need standard Press/Release interaction:

Then on Tick we need to rotate WidgetInteraction to cursor:

I hope it can help someone.