Widget interaction component trace line style

Hi, im currently working on an Unreal ArchViz VR project where i use an “in world” 3D widget menu.
To interact with the menu i use touch controllers and a widget interaction component.
My problem is that i don’t know how to change the style of the widget interaction component trace line.
When i check the “Show Debug” i get the ugly red trace lines and if i uncheck the box i get no trace lines.
I cant find any way to specify the style and appearance of the trace line.
Do i need to create my own trace line in addition to the widget interaction component?
Any pointers in right direction are highly appreciated, Thanks

I believe you do need to create your own visualization for the trace line. I am currently using a cylinder that I toggle the visibility on to get a beam effect i’m looking for. Another option may be using a beam particle effect but i don’t like the way it looks in VR. I hope this helps.