Widget Interaction Component - press pointer key broken?

Hi everyone,
I have problems just clicking on the widget component in UE 5.1.0 . I have a simple setup of a Widget Component and a Widget Interaction Component. The Widget Blueprint has 3 buttons in a vertical box. When I click on a button (by executing “Press Pointer Key” with the “Left Mouse Button” set as input key) the the release of the widget button happens immediately, before I release my mouse button (by executing “Release Pointer Key”).

Also when I click the same button again, the hover state freezes for that button until I click another one. And with the following clicks on the same button the “On Clicked” event won’t trigger.

Here WidgetInteractionTestProject.zip (38.6 KB) is the project if you don’t want to set it up yourself.

This Bug Report maybe describes the same problem I encountered. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-170472) What does it mean when it is marked as duplicate? Is there another Bug Report that describes the same issue?


I also reported the same issue, maybe your report is a duplicate of mine, but I can’t find mine yet on the portal.
Basically, I was able to see that the press & release events are fired simultaneously but “too fast” for the UMG to fire the on-click event.
If you need a quick & dirty fix you can change the settings below on the buttons, but this disable the hover state in some case.


Same Issue. I also find that when I call “press pointer key”, the focus was switched to the widget, and my keyboard can input some char to UI.
My temporary solve method:call “Set Input Mode Game Only” After called “press pointer key”。And Use Pressed Event rather than Click Event On Widget

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Thanks, @CorentinG78 for the suggestion. I was having the same issue as well and this seemed to fix it for me. I hope this gets fixed in the next minor engine version.

Happy to help!

I hope it will be fixed too, it’s pretty major IMO

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I think I found the duplicate of your report : link

I would suggest to upvote it so Epic doesn’t forget it in 5.2 @BOBtheROSS @KKCarrot666 @MisterRobot2

Changing Click method to Precise Click fixed it for me