Widget Interaction Component not working properly?

I have a widget interaction component on my player, and i have actor blueprints in my level which have widgets in them. The problem that I am having is that the interaction component only seems to be able to interact with the buttons if the raycast hits a very small part in the top right of the button, i have the draw option on so i can clearly see that its going through the center of the button, but it only interacts with it in a very small section of it. Has anybody else had this issue?

Bump… Ive come to the conclusion that widget interaction component simply does not work

Works as Expected. Did you choose the wrong node by any chance?

exactly how mine is set up, the clicking part works fine, the built in line trace to detect the button from the widget interaction component is what is not working properly

Did you made a prod build as it hides the debug line.

The line isnt hidden, i can clearly see it, but hen it overlaps the components they arent hovered. Occasionally when the line is NEAR the buttons they enter the hovered state, which means the interaction part is working, its either the line tracing thats not working properly or the buttons detecting the collision from the line trace thats not working properly

i tried this again in 4.16 and it just worked. I really dont know what was different about it, but its working now.