Widget Interaction, button or raycast not working, really need help!!!!

so i followed the tutorial on how to make the 3D widget i followed everything apart from the part of changing the value as i don’t need it. I don’t have a gun like the tutorial i have a camera that is projecting the debug ray. it is playable as its part of the menu. ( i basically used the player to control a dynamic menu that switches cameras for each selection around a bike) now the ray is projecting from the camera but the button isn’t highlighting even though i have changed the tint. is the ray not working since its not coming form the gun like the tutorial or is it because the tutorial dosen’t work in 4.23. i really need help on this one as if i can make this working i have a partial game. for reference i have the set up like in the player BP:

widget component

rather than what the tutorial says.