Widget inside other widget which is inside another widget = circular references problem?


I’ve created widget blueprint (let’s call it “widget A”) which dynamically changes icon depending on the array’s content. Second widget (“widget B”) displays as many widget A’s inside horizontal box as it has to. Finally third widget (“widget C”) grabs “widget B” and displays few of them inside vertical box (which is by the way inside the scrollbox).

It was running perfectly on the PC, however few days ago editor started saying that widget A has some compile error each time I’m loading up the project. When I hit compile button everything is ok, but game won’t cook on PC and despite deployment works for iOS whole functionality doesn’t work on the device - I’m getting empty scrollbox inside widget C.

Circular references? Any clue when CR problems will be fixed?

Hello Tomasz Strzelczyk,

I am unable to reproduce this issue. I have setup three widgets and I placed widget A into widget B and then widget B into widget C. I didn’t not receive any error. Can you reproduce this is a clean project? If so, could you provide accurate reproduction steps?

Thanks for checking the issue. However problem is solved and I guess it was my fault. CR was caused by casting to other actors and setting float values inside widget BP.

Once I reworked my BPs there are no errors and everything works like a charm on the device.

Hello Tomasz Strzelczyk,

I am happy to hear that you have resolved your issue. If you have any further issues like this one feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Make it a great day