Widget info loaded from another blueprint


[FONT=“Calibri”]I did dialog boxes following this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Dialogue System - Part 1 - YouTube In the video it uses one widget and loads its contents according to trickerbox, that player is overlapping. It works great. But now I need to change the widget to appearance to scene and I added widget component to the trickerbox itself and I can see the widget screen in the scene, but now the widget doesn’t load the text from the trickerbox and the text box is just empty. How can I load the new text to the widget and “refresh” the widget, so when I make it visible, it will show the new text?

You better experiment a lot with the set text and all of the widget, and know when to do it, can you show your stuff?

When trickerbox is trickered, then it just cast all the parameters to the widget and it replaces all the widget parameters.