Widget HUD and textual fun

Apologies if this is in the wrong place…

Creating a phasing exercise but the issues I am facing applies to any workflow. my questions are…

  • Is the Widget HUD the best option to place (lots of) text on a camera view?

  • I can see the HUD perfectly in game mode but can not call it into Matinee so does that mean I can’t make a video (other than screen grab) with the overlaid HUD?

  • I also cant appear to change text over time instead I have to fade one out and fade one in. is this the only way?

Considering I am new to game engine design I found creating VR experiences ridiculously easy. Unreal really is a great tool. I just cant believe my first stumbling blocks are around text!

I await your unreal wisdom ;0)

BUG REPORT. If I delete a track I can not undo, The option is greyed out. This applies to a lot of the functions in the Widget editor once I have performed a task I can not undo but have to delete and start over.

REQUEST1. The ‘Content’ Text box needs to contain more options. Ideally I would like to be able to point it at a spread sheet and then indicate what cell to read from. or the ability to have the cell change over timeline indicated in excel. The tasks I have been performing over the last two days are common in the design industry so it would be a great help for us. Thanks

REQUEST2. I would like the option to rename the text blocks in the animation track and move them at the moment its “text block 465” and the like so after a while I have no idea what I am looking at. I also don’t understand how it decided to order them as it will place them one under another and then every now and then just place one randomly in the middle of your other animations. I presume this maybe ‘User Error’?