Widget - How do I add padding?


Now that I got my buttons generating dynamically into a horizontal bar, that is inside a horizontal scroll bar, how do I get padding between the buttons?

When you add something to a container, like a horizontal box, an appropriate slot is generated on the fly. You could adjust that slot’s settings like so:

Alternatively, you could use a WrapBox instead of the HB, it comes with extra features:


You can also use “slot as…” if you want to change it later

Here is the blueprint that dynamically makes the widget for reference.

I tried the first suggestion by @Everynone but it wouldnt use my HorBox object var for some reason, said its incompatible.

I had previoulsy tried the wrap box, but even putting the padding at 100, it didnt do anything. thats when I gave up and created this post.

Together with @Grot13, it looks like the solution is somehow targeting the padding of the slot itself, just gotta figure out how to do that…

Ill update when i get that far.

Figured out how to reference the bar slot, but its not compatible for some reason with my HorBox var.

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Created a new var for the slot. Was able to link it to the Set Padding for slot.

Got runtime error,


Is there something that you can do with the return value of “add child to horizontal slot”?

If I’m reading this right, what you did here was tried to add the padding to the entire menu as opposed to the individual images.

Connect the return value of “add child” to the target of “set padding”, that is exactly what Everynone showed in his first picture


Got it!. When I had originally tried to do that, it didnt work, linking the Return Value to Target between Add Child and Set Padding. This time it worked.

Id like to give credit to solution, and since it was ultimately @Everynone solution that was used, even though you guys helped me get there, ill give him the solution.

Thanks guys!

Nice one. Also, it pays off to get into the habit of using the context sensitive nature of blueprints. Start off by dragging a wire first, and then search for what you need:

You’ll never need to worry about things being out of context or incompatible. It’s also a little bit faster overall - fewer click to get the same job done.

Good luck!


you could make a custom iconoclasm layout if you are only planning on putting those 16 icons on that page.

if gridlock will ever get updated, you could use that but i’d not hold my breath.


You cant see it in the above screenshots, but there are other spots above that indicate the selected team and what team youll be facing. I am also hoping for 100+ characters by the time its said and done. ( do have an topic posted somewhere here looking for concept artists)