widget GetPosition node returns 0,0

Widgets added to wrap box container return 0,0 when using ‘Slot as Canvas Slot’->GetPosition node. Bug or feature?

Just a thought, is it possible that it is returning the position as 0,0 due to it being 0,0 relative to it’s parent container?

Don’t think so. There are multiple widgets added to this wrap box and every one returns 0,0 while visually they are in different positions

alright, since it shouldn’t return 0,0 then probably it’s a bug in my code

Looks like problem is with Slot as Canvas Slot node. If I connect my child widget to it I get null on the out pin but If I connect widget->GetParent to it, cast is succesfull. Still this gets me only parent position which is same for all child widgets

same problem here. cannot get wrap box slot position. did u managed to get it working by any chance ?


If you want the index: http://puu.sh/mZVJZ/1c7423c1fa.png

For visual reference (wrap box with 2 buttons): http://puu.sh/mZVMn/5812b60e31.png

i need screen position, x and y