Widget Event OnMouse Enter not firing

I have an issue with implementing the action rpg inventory system into my game. For some reason Event OnMouse Enter is not firing at all. I can’t click on anything in the inventory or Equipment. I can’t even close the windows at the X. Breakpoints on the Event don’t trigger at all.

Not much here to go on; run Widget Reflector, see what the mouse is hitting.

  • either the visibility is not set up correctly - something in the hierarchy chain is Hit Test Invisible - All Children; the mouse cannot reach the elements below
  • there might be an invisible widget in the way consuming input, Handling mouse
  • the action rpg inventory system might be the culprit, hard to tell what goes wrong without the details

The inventory seems to be Hit Test Invisible, now to find out why.

Not sure how to even use the reflector. It just threw a bunch of confusing widget data at me.