Widget doesnt go away after restart


I created some menu with widgets and the main menu in a black level works perfect but when I play the game and died I created a little widget to chose if you want to restart or go to main menu. The buttons work perfectly but when I go to the other level for the main menu or restart the level the game over widget doesn’t dissappear. It only goes away after clicking restart a few times. Do you know what I do wrong for deleting it? If I die I just create the widget and add it to the viewport. Under my text you find the blueprint of the widget himself. wich normaly should delete itself after pressing a button.

Thanks in advance

Set the remove from parent before you execute the level restart. I found that if you do it after the restart… sometimes everything resets before that is fired so it never gets removed.

Done that but same result :frowning: first time i tested it it went good but when i die again after the restart it doesnt remove itself.

Hmm so it works first time and after that it doesnt. Sounds like you have more than 1 widget on the screen.
Perhaps you are adding or creating that widget more than once.

Screenshots of creation process?

in level blueprint try this

Crocopede you were right. The widget xwas created multiply times thats why it didn’t dissapeared. Thanks for the tip I never tought that was the reason it didn’t go away. When the death event was triggerd it is apparently triggert multiply times and so was the widget. I just added a do once before node before the creadte widget note and now it works perfect.
Manny thanks for the help and the solution :smiley: I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Glad it helped. Cheers