Widget designer: select multiple widgets in the viewport

I do not find how to drag select multiple “items” in the Widget Designer view.

I found out I can use the usual windows shortcuts in the Hierarchy.

I can Ctrl+click all items one by one in the viewport part.

But I do I drag-select several items in the viewport ?

Use case: I have 10 images, which are placeholders for player abilities, I do not want to click them all 1 by 1 just to move them up a little up.
I want to drag-select them.

You can ctrl+click entities like in most applications (or click first, shift+click last in the hierarchy):

Image from Gyazo

But it makes hardly any sense for widgets in 99% of the cases; you will surely keep those abilities in a container, like a horizontal box. And then you just operate on that one box:

Image from Gyazo

Thanks for the answer.
Yes I noticed I could Ctr+click, but I wanted to drag-select.

Yes I was thinking about arranging them together in one way or another but was unsure whether it would be good practice, and certainly did not think about a “box”. I’m following a tutorial and the tutor does not use that :).
I installed Unreal last week end (but have experience with Unity).

Ah, I see. I wouldn’t mind having a drag and select but it would only make sense for 1 widget - the Canvas Panel. No other widget allows for arbitrary positions. I guess that’s the reason why such functionality does not exist.

Generally, one would place a bunch of icons / buttons in a panel and move that, you already know why :slight_smile: