Widget designer for driving simulation

Driving Simulation for road safety:
The player drives on a normal road until some obstacle is on the road and the player has to do a emergency brake.
After that there is a evaluation of the speed, distance and reaction time.

Location of use:
The driving simulation is used in public and there is always a person who explains everything to the driver.
The person can also show what would have happened if the driver had more speed, less distance or less reaction time (shown in the simulation).

Stage of completion:
All the logic is integretad and the driving simulation works and is in use.
All the widgets are functional but not very beautiful.

Your job:
Make some cool widgets that look nice and not as oldschool as now :wink:

Additional infos:

  • driving simulation is for all persons with driving license, so there are young people as well as old drivers.
  • the simulation can be done with or without VR, but the evaluation is done on a screen. So in the first step, the widgets don’t need to be VR-ready
  • I am using the UI navigation plugin by Goncas Mage
  • The language of the widgets is german, but i can give you all the translations in english


Main Menu
Loading Screen
In-Car View
Evaluation with option more speed
further information of evaluation

If you are interested or need further informations feel free to contact me.
You can comment this thread, send me a direct message or send me an email to

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards