Widget corruption when I click-drag mouse from name field

Running 4.6.1 launcher version.

While working on a UMG interface, Often I will create several widgets, and then rename many in a row. So I click and select a widget in the main window (or the hierarchy dropdown), then click, hold the mouse button and drag the mouse to select the whole widget name, in the top right corner of the details tab. If I just click once, it doesnt usually select the whole name, so I click and drag the mouse cursor to select the whole name. If I accidently drag too far, and the mouse goes into the main window, it moves the selected widget into the top right corner of the screen, and re-parents the widget to the root or canvas panel.

Sometimes I can just click undo and theres no real damage, but usually I have to delete the widget entirely to be able to continue work. A few times it has messed up the parent widget as well. Last weekend, I was renaming a custom widget, and it corrupted my entire UMG widget blueprint, and the custom widget. Trying to select the widgets to delete them would cause the editor to crash, and I had to delete the umg blueprint from windows, and restore from a backup.

Hello Interitus384,

I was unable to reproduce this issue on my end. Just to clarify, you are having an issue renaming widgets via the Details panel?


Nope, renaming the widgets I’m fine with. Its just that when I click and drag to select the whole name in the edit box, I sometimes do it too quick, and drag the mouse too far and into the main window, which causes the problems. I’ll try making a video or something to clarify.

Ok, I tested a little in a new project and tried to record a video, which didnt get any clear results. But, i think I identified the problem.

If I click and drag in the text box highlighted in green, no problems. But if I miss, and click and drag anywhere on the details pane, it moves the selected widget. So if I’m doing several objects quickly, I’m much more likely to miss. And this seems to occasionally cause some unexpected problems. It’s only caused a crash and corruption of data once, but most of the it moves the widgets around and even in my little test some of them were being hidden.

Hello Interitus384,

The only way that I could reproduce clicking and dragging anything in the designer tab without actually clicking on the widget itself was to click the little button highlighted in red. Is this what is causing your issue. Could you try clicking and dragging on the button shown to see if this is what you are seeing?

Clicking there, and any of the grey around the box was causing it.

Hello Interitus384,

I was able to reproduce this effect on our end. I have submitted a report ( UE-11206) to have this feature relocated or removed. It has been sent to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.

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