Widget Conundrum

Hello there, so I’m trying to make a button (or checkbox or whatever works honestly) that has some very specific behaviour. First, I need it to be so that it can only be pressed once, then once it’s pressed it’s on forever. I also need it to trigger an event when the mouse is hovered over it (I realize the button is the only one that does this but I’m unsure how to accomplish the rest of what I want with a button. Anybody have any ideas on how I would make this happen?

The button can hold a single UMG inside it. Remove all the styling from the button (literally strip away all animations, textures etc.) so that it will be invisible. You put your content inside the button and then you can script your custom behaviour. For example, you can have a bool bToggled which you can check every time the OnPressed event triggers. After that check, you can customize the UMG you put inside the button (i.e. an image that changes color or different text entries).

For my plugin, I made an example project which features a tabbed interface. Naturally, the tabs are “forever” selected. I’ll be releasing the source for free in the next few days (I’m currently reorganizing my product’s presentation). You can check out the packaged example here and see if it suits your needs: Dropbox - File Deleted