Widget Component ZOrder

Hi all,
I have an actor with a widget component (set to screen space). I thought this actor would do THIS automatically to show its widget component on screen, but it turns out that using the remove from parent node doesn’t work on widget components.

How do you set its ZOrder if you want it to be over/under other widgets already in the viewport (that have nothing to do with this actor)?

I imagined I would be able to set it from User Interface in *Details *panel, but there’s nothing:


What you linked is a way to change the ZOrder for a widget’s slot through blueprint.
What I need instead is to change its global ZOrder relative to the player’s viewport.

Summoning Nick Darnell :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know how to change global ZOrder for a widget component?

It turns out that using Remove from Parent node doesn’t work on widget components.

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