Widget component not visible after respawn

I use the Widget component in a lot of my BPs and they are often interacted with. i just recently implemented a respawn where when the player dies the Controller Detaches from the player pawn the player is destroyed and the controller spawns a new pawn and then possesses it. that all works fine except any widget component that was on screen before death is gone once you respawn. I’m not sure how to show this in pictures its pretty self explanatory but the issue very important since any Item that dropped on the ground before death cant be picked up after respawn. my hunch is that they are stuck to the now destroyed screen.
Any help is much appreciated as always! Thanks in advance

I was wrong but I have figured out that if i toggle the visibility off and then on again they are back on screen its an ok temporary fix but maybe there is something more that i can do so i cont have to cast to every widget on respawn.