Widget component not rendering on static model

So I’m trying to create an ammo counter that hovers above my weapon model using a widget component. Except for it is not displaying anything.

I think it’s best to show a video of what I mean:

What am I doing wrong?

You need first to compile and save your Widget, then compile and save your bluprint actor.

I did that, it made no difference.

There is a small bug where the component fails to update. Tick and untick *DrawAtDesiredSize *in the widget component’s user interface tab. See if that helps.

I have the same problem, my widget works without problems, but after saving… closing and reopening the project its invisible and I need to create an new widget component. (its not much work, but its annoying)
Bug in UE 17.1? In an older project for UE4 15 it works without this problem.