Widget component in screen space not interactable

The widget component is not interactable when set to screen space. No events seems to be triggered on widget.

  1. Create player controller with cursor enabled.

  2. Create a widget containing a button.

  3. Create actor with widget component. Select created widget, select screen space and set draw to desired size.

  4. Place actor in world and press play.

  5. Notice that button is not clickable.

NOTE: Upon further test, it seems that the issue is caused by more complicated steps.

The issue was caused by a HUD widget with visibility to to visible. This was to allow widget to be drag and dropped on screen, but was blocking all widget components in screen space.

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My issue is caused by an overlaying hud canvas I use for drag and drop widget. Trying to find out if there is some zorder that I can set to make widget component render above the hud widget.

Just tested a bunch of interactions on widget component. Touch, mouse, drag etc. All seems to work perfectly.

It seems that screen space widget can’t be set to render in front of regular widgets.
Is mentioned in this thread:

Thank you for your help everynone :slight_smile:

Ugh, do not feel like installing 4.17 but this definitely works fine in 4.18. And I’m 99% sure it worked in 4.17, too.

Are you sure the 2d widget root is not set to HitTestInvisible?

There is Layer ZOrder in the components settings but I’ll admit I’ve never mixed screen space components with ordinary widgets.

The default setting for the thing I mentioned above is -100, did you make it work by adjusting it?