Widget Component Images Disappear

I have a basic tank game in the making and I have 3d Widget components attached to each tank pawn. These widgets are set to render to the screenspace just above the pawn. I have an image driven by a material to make a circular ‘reloading’ effect. My problem is when the player pawn passes any other tank pawn on the Z axis of the camera, the circle reloading effect disappears entirely.



The Material I’m using to render the circle effect;

This effect is not present if the Widgets are set to render in worldspace, however this creates an effect that is undesired. I need the UI to be constant no matter how far the pawn is from the camera.

I found my problem. Within my widget blueprint I had a “Create Dynamic Material Instance” node that had a single “s” in the Optional Name input. I imagine this was causing all instances of the widget to use the same Dynamic material instance, and therefore screenspace.