Widget Component- Changing Widget Class via Blueprints?

Is it possible to change the widget class via blueprints? I can’t seem to find a node that changes the “Widget Class” selection in the Widget Component.



You can find it in BPWidget->Graph->ClassSettings->ClassOptions.

I haven’t tested this method in any of my projects, but yes it is possible. You can use the Widget Component’s “Set Widget” function for this purpose.

Oh, I might have misunderstood.

Isn’t “Set Widget” a function you should use when you want to override an already existing widget dynamically during runtime? :slight_smile:

Yes, I thought that was what @Allenheathx was referring to. The default class, on the other hand, can be set directly from the component details panel using the Widget Class parameter.

Well, he has two answers now anyway :smiley:

I appreciate it, Set Widget is what I need. I saw that but didn’t realize I have to Create the widget to pipe in (I was expecting I’d be able to select it from a list in the variable). Thanks