Widget Clipping?

Does anyone know of a tutorial using Clipping on a Widget? Want to span a background within several boxes.

That’s not what you’d normally use clipping for, me thinks. Any reason why not add the background first and then widgets on top? Asking as you may have a reason…

Want to span a background within several boxes.

As in, clipping does the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve…

For a bunch of boxes and some background, I’d use a Border / Overlay and drop a container inside. But I might be missing the point.

tl;dr: I don’t know any tutorials. :expressionless: Not sure if any exist as it’s just a switch and tooltips describe the behaviour well.

Thanks. I just need to span an image shared over the separate boxes that are spaced. without it being seen anywhere else.

Maybe a screen space Material instead?

Have a look at this:

You’d just need to tell a widget which part of the image to show.

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Just gave this another go but the Image is only filling the space?..

I have a Size Box - Border[fill] - Overlay[fill] - Image[top, center]